This is a blog about a book.

This is a blog about a book, a book which I am actually writing.

For reals. I am writing the heck out of this book.

And I will keep writing the heck out of this book until it is done.

I do not doubt that. Not one little bit, even though I have picked at and sat on and danced around this book for nine years without ever actually writing it.

This time is different. This time it’s real.

Know why? Know why, know why?

Because I have the magical ticket to novel completion, known as

the outline.

Wassup now? You doubt me now? I don’t.

I already have 2.4 chapters, the product of one week of full-time planning and one week of full-time writing.

I know what goes on in Chapter 3, and Chapter 4, and Chapter 18.

I know the background and the plot synopsis of every major character, and the minor characters.

I know roughly how long it will take me to write this thing.

I know the ending. It’s true.

And so…

And so and so and so…

In my joy that a novel is about to be born, and, dare I hope, maybe even printed and published into the wide world, I am writing a blog.

Mostly on Sundays.

The other days I write a book.


6 thoughts on “This is a blog about a book.

  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
    I love the blog as a companion to the process. I have a friend who is an artist (painter) who does a similar ritual as it pertains to her work, the creative process.
    Will you give hints on the novel? Genre? :))

  2. I’m hoping it will help somehow, Stephanie. I was a little worried it would just end up being a distraction or another tick on my to-do list, but I think if I use it right it could really help. I’m still feeling it out. So far it’s fun!

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