Too easy is not.

I’m having trust issues.

After I hacked my way through Chapter 4, I expected a long battle with Chapter 5.

I outlined my scenes, fired up Google docs, and kept my Sharpie pen close, to write me out of the quagmires sure to come.

But it was easy.

Most of it wrote itself in the course of one night.

You’d be happy, right?

But I locked it up.

I stared at it.

I questioned its effectiveness, its purpose, its fit.

It had to be wrong.

How could the right chapter just appear like that, from a single night’s work?

I read everything again, from the top of Chapter 1, to see how well it matched up with the tone and quality of the rest, and it was a departure. It was almost all dialogue, lighter in tone, shorter on setting.

But it was also what the story needed at that point: a little room to breathe and recoup and move forward just a tiny step.

Sure, it needed scrub and polish to match up with the broader context, but other than that, it was golden.

And it only took one night.

Unless you count the two nights I sat around poking it with a stick.


2 thoughts on “Too easy is not.

  1. The only poem I’ve ever written of which I have been truly proud took all of about ten minutes to write. . .and it would have taken less had I not been driving my car down Hwy 290 at the time. Sometimes there is magic.

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