A Very Deep Hole

So I hit a roadblock.

It should have been a teeny-weeny, easily-surmountable road block, but I made a big deal out of it and turned into a skulking coward baby and let it hold me back much longer than I should have.

The situation: a medical question needed answering– one that would have a huge impact on the plot. I couldn’t google this one, but I had the contact info of a lovely OB who wanted to help me. Instead of emailing her right away with my questions, I sat around being an introvert afraid to make the first move.

A few weeks later, my 10-year-old child found out what a pansy I was and offered to write the email for me. So I bucked up and sent the darn thing. That weekend, the OB replied with the information I needed, and I sat on it a few days longer.

I’m done sitting on it now. The itch to finish this thing is back in force. Tomorrow night I plan to be up as many hours as I can stand after the kids are in bed, writing the heck out of chapter 7.

Here’s the good news from this little trip: Looks like writing is a habit now, even while I’m hiding from it like a bunny shaking in his burrow. During the weeks underground, I wrote a short story for NPR’s Three Minute Fiction competition, as well as a poem or two a day. (Poems are here, if you’re into that.) No stopping it now. It’s ingrained. I wondered if that would ever happen.

I also gathered a few bits of advice from the other writers on NPR’s 3MF page. This was the best bit. I’m going to put it into practice as soon as possible. It’s simple, really…


Work on one while you put off the other.



2 thoughts on “A Very Deep Hole

  1. HA on whichever girly volunteered to write the e-mail for you. That. Is. Classic. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I am VERY proud of you for beginning again. . .and I can’t wait for the next installment. You left me hanging, but I love you anyway. 🙂 BTW–we have GOT to figure out a time to see each other. . .don’t know when it will be, but if we start thinking now, we can figure it out soon enough.

    • I agree. Oh, and I’ll be nursling free soon… The possibilities are mind-boggling. 😀 Hopefully I’ll be handing you a chapter in the next day or two. It’s pretty much written in my notebook, but it’s in tiny pieces, and I’m having to put it together like a puzzle with too many parts. Weird.

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