Chapatah 10


ALMOST done. I’m expecting to knock it out during the write-in today, along with Chapter 11.

Yeah, Nine happened last week, quickly and stealthily. Like a ninja.

This process might be getting easier.


The next obstacle will be




ANXIETY! (The words ‘separation’ and ‘anxiety’ will forever be linked. Motherhood.)

And all that drama that I just don’t do, not in real life anyway.

But I’m going to suck it up and conquer my fears and be


Without the all caps. I swear.


Not the kind of drama I meant, but it’s true, nonetheless.



3 thoughts on “Chapatah 10

  1. If I didn’t tell you how much I LOVED the other chapters. . .I LOVED them. I thought of you last night, because we took Thad to a trial martial arts class–Kuk Sool Wan which is Korean if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, the woman who was talking to us about prices and classes and rules gave Thad a booklet for his reward stickers. He reached out with one hand. She didn’t not give it to him but explained that it was more polite to receive something with two hands. When we left, Tony and I both shook her hand and she put her other hand around as well. 🙂 I thought of your wonderful other book and am hopeful that it will see the light of day sometime.

  2. Thank you, friend! That’s definitely a Korean name! How cool!! I’ve been thinking about dusting that story off lately. In my break time I’ve been working on the shorter stuff, and it’s been so fun. I need to finish something. ANYTHING.

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