NaNoWriMo Win!



NaNo is finished.

And I am FINISHED with NaNo.

It felt really, super, crazy good to finish something.

I wish that meant I finished my novel, but it doesn’t.

At the end count, I had 51,196 words, but only about 39,000 of those will probably make it into the actual novel, and I’ll still need about 30,000 more to finish. But to be honest, I’m relieved to be done with the rush. It feels good now to savor the process of writing each chapter.

Careful and slow is my new motto.

For now.

I’m starting to understand that there are a million ways to write a novel, and you’ll probably end up using half of them at one point or another.

That’s okay, too.

In the meantime, there’s a new short up in the Unrelated Shorts tab. It’s a three-minute fairy tale. (Apparently that three minute bar suits my short attention span as a writer. It is what it is.)

Thanks for cheering me on!

Now I will mount my virtual trophy on the sidebar.






6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Win!

    • Ha!! Our Christmas break is Christmas crazy time for mama. 😉 I do have a few more chapters, but I’m hiding them in shame until I can make them work right. 😀 Thank you for being my favorite reader friend.

  1. I will wait patiently, then. Yes. I know that Christmas break is WONDERFUL, and crazy, and then near the end we just have to hop back on the schedule train–somewhat sadly, but also ready to tackle the new year. I have plans to write more this year. . .photograph more. . .and maybe even go to AUSTIN. 🙂 Or we could meet halfway–and hour for each of us wouldn’t be bad–find a McDonald’s and let the kids play. 🙂

    • Yes!! Late February would probably be good, or maybe early March? I’m excited for you to write more. It’s gotten to be an obsession for me, but lately the places I write are places you’re not in, and I miss you.

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